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    Thematic wedding

    A vibe for every tribe
    Thematic weddings are narrative. The themes could be anything ranging from colors, the venue, the food etc. If you intend to make your wedding the most entertaining, fun event, this is the right choice.

    Destination Weddings

    Destined to be decorous

    Destination weddings are all fun and games but destination weddings are so pensive and dreamy. Destinations like Goa, Paris, Kerala, Singapore are known for their exquisite beauty.

    Beach Weddings

    Sure, you love the shore

    What could be a more perfect venue to show that you are a match made in heaven? Beach Weddings are so cute, creative and artistic. It alleviates the overall aesthetic which is all you need for a perfect romcom like wedding.

    Palace weddings

    Artistically Aesthetic

    These types of weddings happen in a palace as its name goes and have the preciseness of majestic nobility that every huge royal wedding has. The most beautiful spots to plan your Palace Weddings are Udaipur, Rajasthan, Jaipur and Jodhpur.

    Heritage Weddings 

     Conventionally beautiful

    Heritage weddings portray your love for your culture and traditions. This type of weddings are flawless and thoughtful, it will also be the perfect spot for a typical desi bollywood like wedding. India has an abundance of classy, artistic heritage venues.

    Island Weddings

     Fashionable yet graceful

     Island Weddings are breathtakingly awesome. Imagine getting married in the middle of the ocean? Choose from Bora Bora, The Bahamas, Port Blair and much more for your exemplary Island Wedding. 

    Dreamy Weddings

    Making Mesmerizing Memories