Seer Plates

Every Traditional wedding would involve the exchange of gifts from both the bride and the groom’s side. These gifts are a token of love and appreciation from each other and it is often seen as a sacred ritual in all Indian Traditional weddings.

Seer has become indispensible in every wedding and it would be hard to find a wedding which does not employ the concept of seer.

A month before the wedding and both sides of the couple would be busy in selecting the items to fulfill the seer list. It has become more of a ceremony and a gesture of goodwill and kindness.

Seer plates are important while handing over the seer within the in-laws and are usually made of brass. StarWeddings provides you with all the seer plates that you would need and coordinates your wedding.

StarWeddings is the leading company in the wedding planning industry and can satisfy your needs and requirements and give you the perfect fairytale wedding.

We can help you with selecting seer plates of the best quality and you can even customize the decorations that come with it. Never before has choosing a seer plate been so fun. But with StarWeddings, everything is fun and that includes your wedding. Weddings are supposed to be a day of happiness and not a day where one should be stressed worrying if the selected seer plate is a wrong choice.

Leave the worrying part to StarWeddings because we care about you and your wedding. To know more about us give us a call or please feel welcomed at our office.

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