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Weddings are an emotional time for the bride and the groom and also for the guests and relatives. It is such a happy time and everyone feels happy and emotional to just be a part of it. Most of the relatives arrive at your place a week before the wedding and the entire place would be full of energy and buzz.

The arrival of relatives is a happy moment regardless of the occasion. You try to be at your hospitable best and when relatives are around, you are finally free from all the evil pranks by your elder brother.

And relatives during weddings are the fuel for fun. The comic fights between you and your cousins, the sagely advice by your uncle and aunt and many more things make relatives the best friends ever.

But what would you do if a relative isn’t able to attend your wedding? And what would you do if that relative is your most favorite relative? Instead of feeling sad about it, walk into the office of StarWeddings.

We provide live streaming of your wedding so that your relatives who are in absentia for your wedding can take part of your wedding virtually. With our advanced networking capacities, your wedding can be streamed live across cities and countries.

Stareaders of the Wedding Planning Industry and would make sure that all the relatives are present for your special moment.

We provide solutions for all your wedding worries.

To know more about live streaming services from StarWeddings, call us or walk into our office.

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