Catering Services

We are wedding planners with a flair for making things grand and that is why our expert chefs devise exotic theme based menus to satiate your palates with a delectable menu, while leaving you free to mingle with your guests. Like our weddings, we customize our bartending services too, to suit your needs, budget, and theme. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we leave no stone unturned!

Indian Cuisines:

  • Traditional South Indian
  • North Indian

International Cuisines:

  • Continental
  • Oriental

The most defining thing of an Indian Wedding has to be the variety of food offered. Food in a wedding is more of a sacred ritual and wedding planning would usually start off by selecting the menu of the food. Also, the most remembered part of a wedding is usually the food.

Choosing the menu itself is crucial but what is more important is choosing the right catering service which can promise satisfaction, quality and classic taste. Unfortunately, hiring a catering service can be quite similar to defusing a bomb. If you get something wrong, everything goes down in a spectacularly disastrous fashion.​

Relatives and other guests often rate a wedding based on the food and if the food isn’t up to standards, you will be welcomed with a lot of frowns and desi-style shaking of the head. A huge part of wedding planning includes choosing the best caterers in town who can provide the best services based on your budget.

After choosing a catering service, you have to choose the menu that is grand and elegant in taste. This can be a big task as well and you might be at your wit’s end trying to finalize the menu.

Where do you go to hire the best caterers in town? To StarWeddings, of course. We are the leading wedding planners in the industry and offer the best catering services to make your wedding the most enchanting experience ever.

StarWedding’s team of food experts will help you in choosing the most suitable menu for both table and buffet services. We will understand your preferences and requirements and our chef and his team would prepare the perfect and sumptuous meal for your guests.

To know more about our catering services, get in touch with us.

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