Aarthi Plates

The family of the bride welcomes the groom and his family by performing Aarthi at the entrance of the wedding venue. Aarthi is a sacred Hindu ritual and is performed during a wedding mainly to remove the negative vibes sent by other people on seeing the bride.

The process of Aarthi is usually a form of worship where a small fire is made from camphor and placed on a plate which also has butter. It is a traditional Hindu ceremony and more of a sacred ritual. It is offered in many temples as a gesture of respect and reverence to deities. Aarthi is also performed before a divine element such as the Ganges river and other such objects which have a hint of divinity in it.

Aarthi is also performed to objects such as vehicles, machines because it is believed that it helps the object as well as the owner to become prosperous. It is also waved before worshippers and devotees to symbolize that man also has a small part of divine element within him.

Performing Aarthi is so crucial that no Indian Hindu wedding takes place without performing Aarthi. Traditional Weddings give a lot of importance and involvement for the Aarthi ceremony and even the Aarthi plates are selected after a lot of scrutinizing.

Aarthi plates are selected by the bride’s family and would involve a lot of decorations and elegance.

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